Casque LEATT GPX 5.5 Medium seulement


Leatt GPX 5.5 Composite V04 Helmet

Quattro Force Controls:
  • Composite matrix 3 sizes shell ECE+DOT
  • 3D in-moulded multi density V-Foam Plus
  • 360° TURBINE multiple low energy impact
  • 360° TURBINE rotational acceleration

Reduced outer shell volume for reduction ins:
  • Neck forces
  • Rotational brain acceleration

Optimized integration with Leatt© neck bracess:
  • 360° helmet and neck brace match
  • Rear clearance cut for riding
  • Rear hyperextension impact platform

Maximum ventilations:
  • Over 190 honeycomb vent holes
  • 11 large exhaust vent ports

Anti-microbial high evaporating snap out dual liner systems:
  • Ergo fit foam layer
  • MoistureCool Tech layer

Other featuress:
  • Hydration ready (Optional internal hands free drinking kit available)
  • Zero friction removable patent pend safety cheek pads
  • Visor with breakaway function to reduce risk of hyperextension in a crash
  • Leatt© Race Ready Design - prepared for ejection helmet removal system
  • Certified and tested: ECE2205/DOT
  • Estimated weight for large size helmet 1250g +/- 50g Quattro Force
$629.99 $253.99
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